Leading with Emotional Intelligence
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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

(Core & Adaptive Leadership Series)


Numerous studies continue to emerge, advocating for emotional intelligence and empathy as vital abilities for successful leaders. Whether you hold a leadership position, function as a manager, engage with clients, or interact with individuals in various contexts, genuinely empathizing with others and treating their experiences with sincerity and esteem enhances your comprehension of their perspective and facilitates effective communication that resonates with everyone.


This program focuses on developing essential core and adaptive skills required for effective leadership, including fundamental leadership principles and strategies for creating a positive work culture, communicating effectively, and fostering collaboration. The aim is to equip leaders with the tools and strategies to excel and build successful, high-performing teams.

Features & Design

  • Comprehensive leadership core and adaptive scores, analysis and recommended strategies are designed to help you bridge the learning and doing gap.
  • Learn fundamental concepts in core and adaptive leadership skills.
  • Discover your crucial leadership skill levels from your assessment.
  • Set leadership development goals and learn techniques for raising your leadership skills.

Benefits & Outcome

It’s quick and accurate. Your Leadership 2.0 scores are automatically scored for you. Easy-to-understand recommendations are customized to fit your unique leadership profile. You want access to detailed that include the following:


  • Discover core and adaptive leadership and why it matters as a leader.
  • Define emotional intelligence (EQ) and its various components, and explore the significant impact that EQ has on leadership effectiveness, using the 360 Refined self-assessment as a valuable tool for evaluation.
  • Delve into the concept of self-awareness and its vital role in effective leadership with practical strategies and techniques to enhance self-awareness, enabling leaders to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.
  • Using relevant case studies and real-life scenarios, we will equip leaders with practical techniques and strategies to manage their emotions and effectively deal with stress in their leadership roles.
  • Explore how leaders can enhance their empathy and perspective-taking skills, enabling them to understand and connect with others on a deeper level. This social awareness is key to effective leadership.
  • Provide practical strategies and techniques to enhance relationship management skills, emphasizing the importance of peer feedback and learning opportunities as leaders work towards improving their relationship-building capabilities.

Delivery & Pricing

This 1-day program is facilitated by a TalentSmartEQ certified consultant. Contact us for pricing.


This program helps you acquire an important skill, improve your lowest Leadership scores, and become an expert in leading and communicating with emotional intelligence in your leadership role.


This program is highly recommended for busy leaders and managers. This includes anyone who wishes to validate and improve their leading and communicating skills with emotional intelligence. To view a Leadership 2.0 Self-Appraisal Sample Report: Click here


Leadership 2.0 strategy book is written by Drs. Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves from UCSD and Stanford University. Brochure

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