What’s My Leadership EQ
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What’s My Leadership EQ

What’s My Leadership EQ

(Discovering My Leadership EQ)


The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Self-Appraisal was developed around a skill-based model of emotional intelligence that is intuitive and easy to apply in the real world. The four skills of this model are based on the connection between what you see and what you do with emotions personally, and in the presence of others. Along with an overall EQ score, the skills measured by the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal include Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.


The EQ Self-Appraisal captures your emotional intelligence skills as a leader quickly and accurately and provides recommendations to fit your overall scores. The easy-to-interpret report offers strategies on your overall emotional intelligence skills.

Features & Design

  • Share your profile and track your progress online.
  • Scores are easy to download and print and the e-learning never expires.
  • Analyzes your scores to pinpoint the strategies that will increase your emotional intelligence the most.
  • After practicing your lowest-scored skill, test yourself the second time and see your emotional intelligence improve.

Benefits & Outcome

It’s quick and accurate. Your EQ scores are automatically scored for you. Easy-to-understand recommendations are customized to fit your unique emotional intelligence profile. You want access to detailed and interactive e-learning activities that include the following:


  • Video vignettes and television that illustrate EQ in action.
  • EQ lessons that pose insightful questions to highlight key learnings.
  • A flexible Goal-Tracking System within your feedback report that lets you monitor progress and share your goals with others.
  • You can view your feedback report online, download it to your computer, or print it in PDF.

Delivery & Pricing

This is a self-directed online assessment for busy executives. It is followed by a virtual hour debrief at only $125 per person. Groups of 12 or more enjoy a $25 discount each. Buy Now.


This program is highly recommended for busy leaders, managers and executives. This includes anyone who wishes to validate and improve their personal and social competence. To view an Emotional Intelligence Assessment (ME Edition) Sample Report: Click here

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