About Us
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About Us


LeadSmart Singapore, operating under the name Talentsmart Singapore, proudly represents TalentSmartEQ, USA —as its distributor across Singapore and the wider Asian region, offering an extensive array of TalentSmart’s esteemed products and services. Moreover, Talentsmart Singapore serves as a strategic training partner in collaboration with leadsmarteq.com


Our distinguished team of trainers and coaches are recognized as TalentSmart-certified Emotional Intelligence (EIA, Multi-Rater, 360, Leadership 2.0, Team EQ, EQ for HR Professionals) consultants. Notably, our trainers possess advanced EQ credentials from renowned institutions and psychologists such as Daniel Goleman (ESCI), Yale University (MSCEIT, RULER), Reuven Bar-On (EQ-i 2.0), and the 6-seconds model of Emotional Intelligence.


We strongly advocate for selecting professionally accredited EQ consultants when considering emotional intelligence training.


Emphasizing solely on emotional intelligence, we encourage you to prioritize the expertise of professionally trained and certified emotional intelligence consultants to support your EQ training and coaching services.


Unlock Your Team’s Potential with TalentsmartEQ: Your Premier Emotional Intelligence Partner for Over 20 Years!


Based in vibrant San Diego, California, TalentsmartEQ has been the go-to global hub for cutting-edge Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training and coaching for over two decades. Our expert team boasts graduate-trained behavioral psychologists who are committed to revolutionizing learning with innovative solutions that drive tangible improvements in EQ.


Why Choose TalentsmartEQ?


  • Trusted by 75% of Fortune 500 companies, alongside countless local MNCs and SMEs.
  • Our scientifically-backed, yet practical and user-friendly workplace learning products ensure real-world impact.
  • Groundbreaking assessments are rooted in extensive research.
  • Seamlessly integrated e-learning platform and Goal-Tracking System™ for effortless progress monitoring.
  • Immediate application of newfound skills through our tailored training programs and coaching services.


Plus, Dive into Our Best-Selling Book! Explore “Emotional Intelligence 2.0,” our award-winning guide that has transformed EQ application in the workplace. Join us in fostering a culture of emotional intelligence. Elevate your team with TalentsmartEQ today!


Our core philosophies that underpin Talentsmart’s training are as follows:


Our approach is straightforward. We aim to eliminate obstacles to learning about emotional intelligence and assist individuals in enhancing their skills immediately. Accessing expertise should not be a complex process, so we offer a team of qualified professionals to support you in your planning and implementation decisions. Practicing emotional intelligence doesn’t need to be intricate; therefore, we have designed our products and services to be user-friendly and easily understandable.


From the outset, our mission has been to ensure that learning about emotional intelligence is a profoundly personalized journey. TalentSmart’s products, services, and team are dedicated to you and tailored to your needs. Whether you reach out to our office, delve into our books, engage with our assessments, or partake in our training and coaching programs, you remain at the center of our attention. Contact us, and we will craft a customized path for you and your organization to attain your objectives.


Our team is composed of graduate-trained behavioral psychologists and experts. They are dedicated to sculpting cutting-edge learning solutions aimed at fostering enduring enhancements in your emotional intelligence journey. Leveraging our combined business acumen and research proficiency, we meticulously design scientifically rigorous, highly efficient, and user-friendly workplace learning products and coaching services tailored to your needs.

EQ is all we do. Insist on professionally trained and qualified EQ consultants.