Managing Challenges with EQ
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Managing Challenges with EQ

Managing Challenges with EQ

(For Managers and Leaders)


Research shows that intelligent and hard-working managers and leaders often struggle to lead individuals and teams due to lack of emotional intelligence (EQ) skills. The World Economic Forum cited that emotional intelligence is one of the ten most required skills for managers and leaders in the future workforce.


We believe that great managers and leaders must have the ability to perceive emotions accurately, harness the power of emotions, understand the causes of emotions and effectively manage emotions. An emotionally-intelligent manager or leader is in the position to make a positive difference in their organizations —not to hold and use power.


We believe you have the technical know-how and high intelligence and are fully engaged with the work process for major initiatives. Still, you may not have highly-developed EQ skills to figure out how your people reject work priorities that prevent your team from achieving organizational goals.


This course is about utilizing emotional intelligence skills with specific strategies designed to help you manage complex challenges in the workplace.

Features & Design

  • Full day course facilitated virtually or onsite through a TalentSmart expert facilitator.
  • Discover what EQ is and why it matters at work.
  • Measure EQ, and learn how to improve each of the four critical EQ skills.
  • Emotional Intelligence Appraisal for each participant.
  • Adopt proven strategies and best practices to lead others with EQ.
  • Action plan for continuous e-learning and development with Goal-Tracking System™

Benefits & Outcome

  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses from the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal and learn how to develop your EQ skills.
  • Learn how personal competence helps you understand your emotions and how you manage your inclinations.
  • Learn how social competence teaches you to recognize the obvious and non-obvious in others and what motivates them to behave in a certain way.
  • Understand one’s EQ challenges and focus on improving your interaction to achieve team and organizational goals.
  • Learn how to broaden awareness of your EQ ability to manage challenges by incorporating self and others’ emotion management strategies.
  • Using a customized framework to analyze emotions, gain awareness of others’ feelings, and understand the causes to resolve challenges.

Delivery & Pricing

This 1-day course is facilitated by a certified EQ consultant. Please call for special group pricing.


This course is designed for people who want to use emotional intelligence to lead individuals and teams effectively in a business context.