Hiring for EQ
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Hiring for EQ

Hiring for Emotional Intelligence

(For Human Resource & Hiring Managers)


Why do hiring managers seek people with high levels of emotional intelligence?


While IQ and technical competence will always be essential selection criteria for promotions and hiring decisions, such competencies do not predict who will emerge as a star performer or cause ‘big’ headaches.


Traditionally, hiring decisions are primarily based on a person’s IQ and technical competence—without considering emotional intelligence. Having an extremely high IQ with no people skills is like having an extremely high-powered computer with no internet. This could be why you notice so many companies are rife with cut-throat, toxic co-workers and bosses.


Over the years, Emotional Intelligence research provided key findings that offer organizations a competitive advantage in the marketplace if they adjust their hiring practices to screen for emotional intelligence. Simply put, people who have high EQ tend to be emotionally aware and sensitive to the feelings of others. This quality helps effectively solve problems compassionately.


Hiring for EQ offers your organization insight into how to make sure you bring in the right people and block those who will be destructive. Hiring for Emotional Intelligence is a one-day follow-up session to Mastering Emotional Intelligence Level 1.

Features & Design

  • Discover how Emotional Intelligence is used in the interview process.
  • Explore what high and low EQ looks and sounds like at your organization.
  • Spot qualified candidates high in EQ so that you can multiply the presence of emotional intelligence skills throughout your organization.
  • Avoid hiring people who will become toxic to morale or drive unhealthy turnover rates.
  • Gather additional EQ behavioral evidence outside of the formal interview

Benefits & Outcome

  • Learn how to maximize a successful hiring process, identify and evaluate EQ skills both inside and outside of the formal interview.
  • Practice EQ interview questions that reveal high or low EQ, and customize EQ interview questions to fit your organizational culture.
  • Craft EQ interview questions that fit your organization’s culture and ask them in role-plays.
  • Engage with EQ scenarios and solve real interview challenges shared by others.
  • Discuss with your fellow participants how to use the EQ evidence to summarize and evaluate.
  • How US Airforce saves $190m by screening applicants’ EQ.  Read More

Delivery & Pricing

This 1-day course is facilitated by a TalentSmart certified EQ consultant. Please call for special group pricing.


Designed and developed by psychologists Dr. Travis Bradberry & Dr. Jean Greaves from Stanford and UCSD. This program is created for all hiring leaders and managers who wish to effectively hire Emotional Intelligent individuals for employment. Participants must have completed Mastering EQ Level 1. Brochure

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