Learners’ Feedback
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Learners’ Feedback

Learners’ Feedback

(Consolidated from Training and Coaching Services)

About Learners’ Feedback

We highly value the feedback from our learners as it offers invaluable insights for enhancing our programs for future attendees.


This feedback allows us to make necessary adjustments that might not be immediately evident from our perspective, providing us with a deeper understanding of participants’ preferences and needs. We use this feedback to continually enhance and refine our training and coaching services, ensuring they meet the highest standards for our clients’ participants.


We have gathered feedback from clients across various industries and healthcare professionals from most government agencies and private hospitals.

Some Feedback

  • Most WSQ courses I have attended are generic. The content of this EQ course is professionally developed. It is very interactive. —Podiatrist, Changi General Hospital.
  • It is very useful to learn more about one’s self. You may not know those things till you come to the course and learn from Mr. Sim —Physician, TTSH Hospital.
  • It really improved my knowledge of EQ. It covers such an extent that I am not aware of. —Scientist & Researcher, A*Star
  • I understand my EQ better and how I can improve on it. —Physician, Changi General Hospital.
  • An eye-opening course. Useful and practical refresher. —CEO, Jardin Engineering.
  • Motivational trainer with practical illustrations and examples to highlight the importance of emotional intelligence. —Director, Nanyang Polytechnic.
  • The course allows me to understand, cope and handle EQ due to external and internal factors and daily lifestyle. —Manager, Watsons Singapore.
  • I am more self-aware of my actions and moods and relate to the team and how it may affect them. —Senior Manager, Esplanade.
  • It clearly defines what EQ exactly is and provides a structured way to practice my EQ skills. —Manager, NAFA.
  • It is one of the best-organized EQ programs I have attended, and the optimal use of digital supporting tools. —Researcher, A*Star.
  • It raises my understanding of emotions, how they affect others, and how they can be applied in the workplace. —Manager, Singapore Business Federation.
  • It is a very interesting course to know EQ better and how to use it in the workplace. —Senior Staff Nurse, Changi General Hospital.
  • It is a great learning experience and worth your two days away from the office with this WSQ course. —Deputy Director, Ministry of Health.
  • A very good course for reflection. Mr. Sim is thoroughly experienced. —COO, Pacific Radiance.
  • Undoubtedly, this is one of the most professionally designed EQ courses. —HR Manager, AXA Insurance.
  • A ‘must attend’ workshop. —Senior Radiologist, Farrer Park Hospital.
  • It is one of the best-organized EQ courses I have attended, with the optimal use of digital supporting tools. —Scientist, A*Star.
  • Creates a lot of Self-Awareness. Able to address all EQ questions knowledgeably. —Manager, Singapore Airlines.
  • I am more aware of my emotions and how to work well with the team by becoming more aware of our emotions. —Manager, Bank of Singapore.
  • I will recommend my HR to send more people to the course. —IT Director, Jurong Port.
  • Very engaging, can relate to the workplace, and give real-life examples. —HR Director, EMAS Offshore.
  • I understand myself more, and the tips help me control my emotions. —Senior VP, CitiBank Singapore.
  • I already see the great value this particular program can bring to an individual. —Manager, Parkway Group.
  • It really improves my knowledge of EQ; it covers an extent I am unaware of. —Scientist & Researcher, A*Star.
  • Very knowledgeable and provided very good examples to improve my EQ. —Senior Engineer, SCIEX.
  • The facilitator was well-informed and knowledgeable in his area of work. —Senior Manager, Global Medical Group, Singapore.
  • Awesome and informative course. —Manager, Pan Asia Logistics.
  • It is a good and engaging course from the trainer. —Senior VP, DBS Bank.
  • You will know yourself better, understand your strengths and weaknesses and learn the strategies for improving yourself. —Scientist, A*Star.
  • Very engaging and enlightening indeed. —SVP, SGX.
  • The instructor is very experienced and knowledgeable and has shared many experiences. —Lecturer, NYP.
  • The course materials are fun, with an interesting presentation on EQ, and our trainer is great. —Senior Manager, ARA Investment, Hong Kong.
  • The class facilitator was very experienced and very interactive. —HR Manager, Pacific Radiance.
  • The trainer’s years of personal experience and knowledge of emotional intelligence are awesome. —Manager, MOHH.
  • A lot of examples were shared to illustrate what was taught. — Scientist & Researcher, A*Star.
  • Everyone should attend this EQ course to understand themselves better. —Pharmacist, TTSH Hospital.
  • I  learned how to adapt and improve my workplace climate. —Senior Pharmacist, Farrer Park Hospital.
  • … and more.
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