Discovering EQ at Workplace
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Discovering EQ at Workplace

Discovering EQ at Workplace

(For All Levels)


You have probably heard of the phrase Emotional Intelligence, or EQ before. Daniel Goleman coined the term emotional intelligence and likened it to traditional intelligence or IQ. EQ is about how smart we are with human connection and how effectively we manage ourselves and our relationships.


The concept of emotional intelligence has also become very important in executive development. EQ is more than twice as predictive of performance in the workplace than IQ. Up to 90 percent of the professional competencies that differentiate top performers are related to emotional intelligence.


So being successful in today’s workplace depends significantly on your ability to understand and effectively manage your emotions. Whether you are aware of them or not, emotions are interweaved with everything you think, say, and do each day on the job and throughout your life.


With this being the case, EQ has become the new benchmark by which employees, managers and leaders are measured. The good news is that EQ can be readily learned and developed.


By understanding what EQ is and how we can manage it in our lives, we can begin to leverage all of that intelligence, education and experience we have been storing up for all these years. This workshop will change the way you think about success.

Features & Design

  • Discover what EQ is and understand why it matters at work.
  • Measure EQ, and learn how to improve each of the four critical EQ quadrants.
  • Adopt proven strategies and best practices to develop your EQ.
  • Emotional Intelligence Competency Inventory Assessment for each participant.
  • Create action plan for continuous learning and self-development after the course ends.

Benefits & Outcome

  • You will discover your strengths from the EI Competency Inventory and how to improve your EQ skills.
  • Learn to identify your emotions accurately and understand your default inclinations across situations.
  • Learn to recognize your values and experiences that govern your behavior and shape your identity.
  • Learn how to pick up emotions in other people and understand their thinking, feeling and tendencies to improve interactions.
  • Complete an action plan to improve your social and emotional intelligence even after the course ends.

Delivery & Pricing

This 1-day program is facilitated by a TalentSmartEQ certified consultant. Contact us for pricing.


Designed for all levels of executives, this program helps you learn emotional intelligence quickly and effectively apply essential EQ skills to enhance personal effectiveness in a business context. Brochure

Over 2,500 people including physicians and scientists have completed this course.