Discovering EQ at Workplace
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Discovering EQ at Workplace

Discovering EQ at Workplace

(For All Levels)


You’ve likely encountered the term “Emotional Intelligence,” or EQ, before. Coined by Daniel Goleman, it’s often likened to traditional intelligence or IQ. However, EQ pertains to our proficiency in human connection and the skillful management of our relationships.


This concept has gained significant prominence in executive development. EQ is more than twice as predictive of workplace performance compared to IQ. As much as 90 percent of the professional competencies that distinguish top performers are rooted in emotional intelligence.


In today’s professional landscape, success relies heavily on comprehending and effectively handling your emotions. Whether consciously recognized or not, emotions are intertwined with every thought, word, and action in your daily professional and personal life. Given this reality, EQ has emerged as the new standard for assessing employees, managers, and leaders. The encouraging news is that EQ can be acquired and cultivated.


By thoroughly understanding EQ and integrating it into our lives, we can harness all the intelligence, knowledge, and experience we’ve accumulated over the years. This workshop will transform your perspective on what defines success.

Features & Design

  • Explore the Significance of EQ and its Relevance in the Workplace.
  • Gauge Your EQ and Cultivate Proficiency in the Four Key EQ Quadrants.
  • Embrace Time-Tested Methods to Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence.
  • Evaluate Learners’ Competence with the EQ Competency Inventory Assessment.
  • Formulate a Post-Course Strategy for Ongoing Learning and Personal Growth.

Benefits & Outcome

  • Uncover Your Strengths through the EQ Competency Inventory and Enhance Your EQ Abilities.
  • Acquire the Skill of Precisely Identifying Your Emotions and Recognizing Your Typical Responses in Different Scenarios.
  • Gain Insight into Your Values and Life Experiences that Influence Your Actions and Define Your Identity.
  • Master the Art of Perceiving Others’ Emotions and Grasping Their Thought Processes, Feelings, and Dispositions to Enhance Interactions.
  • Develop a Post-Course Strategy to Elevate Your Social and Emotional Intelligence Continuously.

Delivery & Affordable Pricing

This 1-day program is facilitated by a TalentSmartEQ certified consultant. Contact us for pricing.


Designed for all levels of executives, this program helps you learn emotional intelligence quickly and effectively apply essential EQ skills to enhance personal effectiveness in a business context. Brochure

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