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Tech Support & Helpdesk

Tech Support & Helpdesk

Tech Support & Helpdesk


The technical support & helpdesk is created to support trainees who will participate or have completed in the “Discovering Emotional Intelligence at Workplace” course to actively increase your understanding of each EQ skill and assist you in developing your action plan.

How to Complete My Lessons after the Course


The 4 or 12 EQ lessons will help you actively increase your understanding and capacity for improving each EQ skill. Emotional intelligence is very different from traditional intelligence (IQ). With IQ, it is understood that you are generally as smart now as you are ever going to be. People learn new facts but their intelligence, or their ability to learn, remains essentially the same.


Emotional intelligence is a flexible skill that can be readily learned. People increase their emotional intelligence by working on the skills outlined in the online learning system. Research shows that people improve their EQ most when the following conditions are present:

  • They have a strong motivation to learn or change.
  • They practice new behaviors consistently.
  • They seek feedback on their behavior.


Change can be a little…

Embarrassing – because as you practice new things, the very people who feel you ought to change may poke fun at you, forget to encourage you along the way, or not even notice. Don’t give up. The rewards will outweigh these challenges because you will be better positioned personally and professionally than ever before.


How to handle it when you feel embarrassed:

  • Say, “I could use a little support here.”
  • Tell people you are serious about getting better. Most likely, they will become your allies.
  • Ask for help and suggestions.


Change can also be a little…

Frustrating – because old habits and behaviors (what you say and do) can be difficult to change.


How to handle it when you feel frustrated:

  • Remind yourself that change takes time and practice.
  • Remind yourself that it’s OK not to know.
  • Find someone who handles change well. Ask how it’s done.
  • Find someone who can encourage you.


Change can also be…

Terrific – it surprises most people how a little bit of change in the right direction can go a long way in the eyes of others.


To begin your EQ development journey, review your Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EIA) report. The report analyses your score profile and suggest EQ strategies that will help you increase your emotional intelligence.

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My Action Journey Starts Here: Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6
Read 3 “Immediate Strategies” customized in your EIA report x
Develop Lesson 1 – Practice lowest EQ scored skill x
Develop Lesson 2 – Practice 2nd lowest EQ scored skill x
Develop Lesson 3 – Practice 2nd highest EQ scored skill x
Develop Lesson 4 – Practice highest EQ scored skill x
Ask mentor for 5-10 minutes feedback before retest (Optional) x
Questions about your action plan, contact us by clicking on “Register Here.”

My Next Steps


After completing your Emotional Intelligence Appraisal®, here are a few next steps to help you develop your emotional intelligence skills. Emotional intelligence is a flexible skill that can be improved. You can increase your emotional intelligence by working on the behaviors outlined in your assessment results and assessing your EQ progress. Research shows that people improve their EQ most when the following conditions are present:


  • They have a strong motivation to learn or change
  • They practice new behaviors consistently
  • They seek feedback on their behavior
  • They measure their progress.



Your First Week


Create a Development Plan: Set actionable EQ goals and select the strategies you will practice for 6 months to reach these goals. Go to your results portal, select the EQ skill you will focus on first, and then select a strategy from a drop-down list of the 66 proven EQ strategies included in Emotional Intelligence 2.0. A summary of your plan will be stored. Collaborate with a mentor or coach: Using your results portal, share your EQ action plan online with others and invite them by email to comment or share advice. Practice every chance you can!



Your First Month


Watch and Learn from EQ Lessons (results portal): If you’d like new insights into Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management skills, watch and learn from EQ lessons that include movie clips demonstrating EQ in action. These lessons have been designed to increase your understanding of each EQ skill actively. Just by completing these lessons, you will raise your social awareness skills. Practice every chance you can!



Months 2 – 6


Practice repeatedly until better EQ behaviors become habits.



At Six Months


Assess Your EQ again: Six months from the date you completed your Emotional Intelligence Appraisal, you will receive an email inviting you to retake the assessment. Your retest results will provide you with new EQ scores to compare with your previous EQ scores. The results will also provide you with 3 new EQ behaviors to work on and 3 new EQ strategies to practice.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How do I view my results report if I’ve already taken the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal that comes with the Emotional Intelligence 2.0 book?

To access your report, follow the same instructions you used to take the assessment.



Note: If the page you are on asks for your email address, you are on the wrong page. Make sure you are at


Q2. What do I do if I’m trying to take an assessment or log in to my report and the system says my email address cannot be found or is incorrect?

If you receive this message when trying to log in, then you are not on the right page—you do not need your email address to log in. The correct page is


Q3. How do I complete an assessment if I’m getting an error message that the survey deadline has already passed?

If you received this error message then you need to contact the survey administrator and ask him or her if it is possible to extend the deadline so that you can complete the assessment. The administrator’s email address is [email protected]



About TalentSmart


TalentSmart Inc is the world’s premier provider of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). More than 75% of the Fortune 500 companies rely on our products and services. All of our cutting-edge assessments are easy to use, based on rigorous research, and include our proprietary e-learning and Goal-Tracking System™.


Our training programs and coaching services ensure new skills are applied immediately. Our #1 best-selling, award-winning book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 is a groundbreaking addition to the application of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.


Compare Us with other EQ training providers and review your Return on Investment for TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence training programs.