Lunch Talk
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Lunch Talk

Lunch & Learn EQ


For a small fee, a short 60 minutes talk in a business setting can be a lifeline for many people. Research carried out with 2,000 adults by Lambeth Council, UK found that, despite short seminar, two-thirds of attendees said it makes them learn something useful. 73% of those attendees who attended short seminar said it makes them feel more in touch with reality, and with the rest of the people, they work together.


We help you to close the knowing and doing gap, and learn about the benefits of emotional intelligence that help them improve the relationship with their people, enhance their career opportunities and improve business performance. We inspire and spark awareness on how emotional intelligence impacts the relationship and business performance.

Some Feedback Comments

  • It is an informative, interactive and easy to understand session. The speaker is engaging, able to relate factual information to daily simple examples that everyone is able to relate to. HR Manager, Robert Bosch (SEA)
  • The talk was enjoyable and insightful. The participants were able to have some useful takeaway from the session. HR Manager, Volkswagen Group
  • This subject is very important to everyone, and the speaker did full justice to it. He is a captivating speaker. He has successfully presented Emotional Intelligence with fact-based, and attention-catching style. He managed the flow of idea presentation effortlessly and paced the learning points comfortably. His storytelling skill has been effective to convey the importance of EQ competency to the audience. HR Manager, AB Sciex
  • The lunchtime talk has opened up a whole new world of learning opportunities for participants to recognize how EQ (and not just IQ) enables greater success in personal and professional lives. It has been an enjoyable session where participants learned from actual examples shared by the facilitator and asking questions — HR Director, Raffles Medical Group
  • Thank you for the enjoyable presentation. The participants enjoyed and learned from your talk — HR Manager, WDA 
  • Thanks for the lively and informative sessions, many of the participants were talking really excitingly about their experience of the session. Would you be able to provide a quote on the 1-day program — HR Director, SAP
  • Thank you for the wonderful lunch talk to all our people from the three properties. It is very insightful — Group HR Director, Park Hotel Group
  • The Talk was very well-received. The Talk provides insights to what EQ is about, and it raised our awareness of EQ and application at the workplace. It provides good reinforcement on ownership (our core values) and the need to focus on “I” — HR Senior Executive, CrimsonLogic
  • It is exciting, interactive learning and fun. — L&D Manager, Tetra Pak
  • Our employees have enjoyed the session and find the topic relevant to them. Though it is a short 1-hour session, the content was organized and easy to follow as well. The speaker is knowledgeable, able to explain well and give good analogies. With some real life examples given, those really help our employees to understand EQ better. — HR Manager, SONY
  • We enjoyed the speaker engaging presentation that was timely, and he presented with many examples which every one of us could relate. Judging from the positive comments which we received from the audience, I believe many have walked away with useful tips like I did. On behalf of Pan Asia Logistics, we thank you for making this arrangement. — HR Manager, Pan Asia Logistics
  • Thank you so much for the lunch talk was a great pleasure working with you. Was indeed an enriching learning experience and well received from the crowd. — HR Manager, Raffles Hospital
  • Thank you for the enjoyable presentation. The participants enjoyed and learned from your talk. — HR Manager, WDA Many thanks for that very engaging talk and I have been receiving very good feedback from the staff. — Group Director, Commerzbank
  • Great presentation and we learn so much. — HR Manager, Sabre International
  • Great feedback from the Lunch & Learn. A truly dynamic speaker. The concept of EQ steps and key takeaways come alive through storytelling. A wealth of experience. — Head HR, Societe Generale Bank
  • Thanks for the lively and informative sessions; many of the participants were talking excitingly about their experience of the session. — HR Director, SAP
  • Great to hear that everyone enjoyed and learned from the session. I can imagine the enthusiasm you have created. — HR Manager, EMAS Offshore
  • Thank you very much for bringing EQ awareness talk to us. You have made it so easy to understand, and the delivery was light-hearted, interactive and engaging throughout the talk. Many have benefited so much from these talks. — HR Manager, NCS
  • Thank you for the great EQ insights, sharing and learning. The participants enjoyed it. — L&D Manager, Jurong Shipyard
  • Thanks for coming by to share with us Emotional Intelligence. We have learned from your talk. — HR Manager, Keppel Land
  • Thank you for sharing and learning Emotional Intelligence by TalentSmart. We enjoyed the session. — T&D, Manager, Rohde & Schwarz
  • Thank you for the interesting Emotional Intelligence talk. The participants enjoyed and learned from your talk. — HR Manager, Natsteel
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