Mastering EQ for Teams
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Mastering EQ for Teams

Mastering EQ for Teams

( For All Teams)


High-performing teams aren’t the result of a happy accident. Research shows that they achieve superior participation, cooperation and collaboration because their members trust one another, share a strong sense of group identity, and have confidence in their effectiveness as a team. In other words, such teams possess high levels of group Emotional Intelligence.


“Emotional Intelligence in teams is important because most of the work in organizations today is done by teams.” – Judith A Ross, Make Your Good Team Great.


No one would dispute the importance of making teams work more effectively. The only problem is that emotional Intelligence has been viewed only as an individual competency when the reality is that teams do most work in organizations.


“It is about finding ways to make teams work better.” – Druskat and Wolff, Emotional Intelligence of Teams.

Features & Design

  • Full day course facilitated on-site or virtually through a TalentSmart expert facilitator.
  • Measures your intact team’s EQ, and your team discovers the four core Team EQ skills.
  • Raises your team’s emotion awareness through drawing from the experience of team members in the room and allowing time for discussion.
  • Facilitates a safe environment for your team to discuss strengths and development opportunities.
  • Includes Emotional Intelligence Appraisal—Team Edition.
  • Team creates an agreement for going forward, a plan for how to check in on progress and when to measure the team’s skills again.

Benefits & Outcome

  • Drives team business objectives and improves performance of intact teams.
  • Increases Team EQ development through engaging and relevant exercises and discussions in-session.
  • Increased EQ throughout your organization.
  • Continued Team EQ development through Team Action Plan.
  • Improved work culture, job satisfaction, and increased retention among intact teams.
  • Developed team EQ skills that allow intact teams to become more efficient and effective on the job.
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

Delivery & Pricing

This 1-day program is facilitated by a TalentSmartEQ certified consultant. Contact us for pricing.


Designed and developed by psychologists Dr. Travis Bradberry & Dr. Jean Greaves from Stanford and UCSD. This program is created for all work teams who wish to effectively manage one’s own Emotional Intelligence in dealing with self and others in a business context. Brochure

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