What’s My DISC Style
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What’s My DISC Style

What’s My DISC Style

(Discover Your Personality Traits)


Interactive DISC (or iDISC) is developed by TalentSmart Inc. iDISC offers mutual understanding for people to better understand themselves within a work team and relationship with other. iDISC helps you and your team to increase self-awareness and how you respond to conflict and solve problems.


In just 10 minutes, it raises your self-awareness by revealing the strengths and weaknesses inherent in your unique personality profile along the four DISC dimensions: Dominant, Interpersonal, Steady and Conscientious.


You’ll discover your scores in each dimension, which of the 14 personality types best describes you, and your anti-type. Results bring personality to life via an unlimited e-learning program featuring Hollywood movies and a virtual coach. Use IDISC in groups to increase appreciation of different work styles and improve communication and teamwork.

Features & Design

  • Watch clips of your favorite actors bring each personality type to life.
  • Learn which types clash and how they can work together effectively.
  • Share your profile and track your progress online.
  • Scores are easy to download and print, and the e-learning never expires.

Benefits & Outcome

  • It quickly and accurately captures your personality’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • It’s easy to administer remotely.
  • You can access to detailed and interactive e-learning activities that include video clips from Hollywood movies and television that illustrate each of the 14 personality types.
  • A flexible Goal-Tracking System within your feedback report that lets you monitor progress and share your goals with others.
  • You can view your feedback report online, download it to your computer, or print it in PDF.


This is an online self-directed assessment.

Who Should Attend

This assessment is suitable for anyone who wishes to validate and improve their DISC personality behavioral skills.


To view an interactive DISC Sample Report: Click here

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